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It seems l8ke everytime Trop Casino has a drawing they calls the same people every drawing.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Trop Casino Greenville - American Zurich Bad Review


I was disabled at my workplace and really was in desperate need of financial help and was denied by American Zurich before they even received my Veteran medical records. I feel the whole workers comp system has let me down.

I had never filed a workers compensation claim in my life and found out the hard way, that they just want you to believe there is help when there really is none.

Their mentality is how fast can we deny this person so they will go away. I had a list of 15 other people that also suffered health problems.

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Trop casino greenville ms riverboat ruined my life

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I was exposed to mold on their riverboat casino for over 4 years. They had water leaks on the carpet everywhere and never did anything to clean it up.

alot of people had health problems, including me. If this isn't gross negligence, i don't know what is. They will all get theirs someday. I know people that treated their dogs better than this place.

There were roaches everywhere people were preparing food. This place was discusting to me.

My health is very bad from this exposure and this employer has nothing but a bunch of brainless idiots. PIGS

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These brainlss idiots are also prejudice towards white people. They had to let 3 of their idiots go because the they pissed off the gaming commission with their ignorance.

They should have gotten rid of their major problem, the dir of HR, but thats comming too.

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